Tuesday 10 March
09:00 Welcome and Introduction (10’) Silvio Brusaferro
ISS President
09:15 Greetings (10’) Stefano Morabito
Chair of the organization committee
Session 1: Building the capacity in Europe
09:30 Vision on NGS (20’) Pamina Suzuki
European Commission G4
09:50 EFSA State of play and future perspectives (20’) Valentina Rizzi, Mirko Rossi
European Food Safety Authority
10:10 ECDC State of play and future perspectives (20’) Johanna Takkinen
European Center for Diseases Control and prevention
10:30 The inter EURL WG on NGS Work program: State of play (20’) TBD
Inter EURL WG on NGS
11:00 Coffee Break (30’)
Session 2: Policy and Science
11:30 Need for a legal framework for NGS data supporting action by the CAs (30’) George Haringhuizen
12:00 Use of NGS to face crises (Provisional title) (20’) Eelco Franz
12:20 Toward an extended use of whole genome sequencing for the investigation of multi-EU country Listeria monocytogenes outbreaks (20’) Benjamin Felix
EURL Listeria
12:40 Activities of the one-health EJP on the implementation and harmonization of NGS across Europe (20’) Annemarie Kaesbohrer
13:00 Lunch (1h)
14:00 Open discussion (2h, 15’)
Chair: Stefano Morabito
Speakers: Valentina Rizzi, Johanna Takkinen, Pamina Suzuki, George Haringhuizen, Eelco Franz, Annemarie Kaesbohrer, Benjamin Felix